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20 November 2018

17th of November 2018

A Toulouse Business School Alumni event: The seminar of the active volunteers

The 17th of November, around fifty volunteers of the association were reunited in a great deal of friendliness for the third edition of the active volunteer’s seminar.

After the (re)generation party organized by the Paris chapter, the day has been animated by Julien Condamines (school year 2006) around the question: “why have I decided to animate my Chapter or Tribe ?”. This day allowed the volunteers to share their experiences, ideas and good practices to serve the alumni network overall and to know each other better.

It was also a great time to meet the new employed team and volunteers.

At the end of the day, the action plan to support our Alumni network and make greater the notoriety of TBS was put in place, some of the main decisions are:

  • To organize more prestigious events in every city where a chapter exists
  • Reanimate some chapters on standby
  • Launch of the patronage / mentoring
  • Use the support of the new “volunteers pack” as a guideline to be locally more autonomous

Friendly and animated, that day was a great moment to exchange experiences and move forward.

Rendezvous in 2019 for the next edition of our seminar!

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