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25 October 2018

Christelle Bruguier-Soriano Profession of faith

A commitment over time!!


For several years now I've had the pleasure of being part of the active volunteers and members of the Board of Directors of our beautiful association.

And here is the illustration of "when we love we do not count"! In many ways, since when it came to choosing mid-career training, I opted for a continuing education program within our school. I feel very close to all the alumni, from initial training and from continuing education.

If I wish to continue my commitment, it is because I have at heart to return to our collective all that it brought me: professional and friendly supports, skills and an overview vision, a motivation to find new services for alumni, and to strengthen links with our school.

I am keen to always be available to receive an alumnus, find a solution with the tribes, the permanent team, or the teaching teams. An availability that I have always been happy to find from other alumni and that I am proud to put forward when I present our network.

Thus, in my career as an alumnus, I held several missions: editor and then coordinator of the Tribe, co-host of the Montpellier office, member of the Board of Directors, then a member of the board and co-initiator of the entrepreneurship tribe.

I propose to you today my candidacy in the continuity and the development of the actions implemented for the strength of our network.

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