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01 July 2019

Our Incredible Life Paths - Camélia BENASKOUR (TBS 2017)

Who were you at TBS?

The class delegate, "the team player", the one who is always up for anything, easy going, and above all, the one who is always there to gather the troops around different projects.

- Why did you choose to attend Toulouse Business School?

The EMBA course offered by TBS in Morocco was the only course that offered triple accreditation, and, in particular was the only one in Morocco that had a programme that was almost identical to the one in Toulouse.

- Would you tell us about your time at TBS? (Studies):

This was the longest course in TBS history :)

After a few pitfalls related to changes in the teaching staff, I was able to take full advantage of each course, as well as each moment I spent with other students in my graduate classes.

This introduced me to entrepreneurship. In one of the TBS’s elective course we met successful entrepreneurs.

But what the programme brought me the most of all is that it opened my mind, then it allowed me to get to know myself better, and understand others. It boosted my self-confidence, which did me the greatest good.

- Do you have any stories from your Class to share? (e.g., associations, students)

This one didn’t happen to me, but during our visit to Toulouse, some others from my graduating class rented a very large apartment for the week. The first evening they were doing some grilling and set off the fire alarm :)

Who are you today?

- What is your current situation?

Until last week, I was Marketing and Communications Manager at a multinational company in charge of North and West Africa (an area covering more than 30 countries). Now I’ve started my own business and am finally embarking on my own project!

- Why did you choose this career, this particular goal?

This is my graduation project. The EMBA allowed me to build and refine my project throughout the course. Now I have can devote myself to it full time.

- What did your studies bring you in your personal and professional achievements? 

I am finally in touch with myself. I know myself better and am fully cognizant of my skills and my limits. The EMBA let me connect with my entrepreneurial spirit. I had come up with the idea for my business during the programme, which provided me with the tools to develop it.

What advice do you have for TBS alumni, either students or graduates?

Take full advantage of your training don’t miss any classes, and above all, keep in touch with all the people you meet along the way.

Finally, I think I didn’t mention this before, I was the top of my class in the MBA programme and to mark the occasion I recorded a song. (You can listen to the song below.)

Also, another thing about me, I’ve been appointed president of the TBS alumni Morocco branch, which was in the process of being created. We’ve been working with some volunteers for some months now..

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