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01 March 2019


Grande Ecole Programme : Annabel-Mauve Bonnefous, Director - Toulouse Business School PGE

At Toulouse Business School, all students get a double degree whether “at one of the 22 foreign universities of our 125 active partners, which include universities (e.g. Science Po) and French engineering schools, (e.g. IMT Mines Albi) or whether they obtained a Master of Science (MSc) from one of our five campuses located in Toulouse, Paris, London, Casablanca or Barcelona. What justifies the first-place ranking given by " MOCI"? The quality of the Program also gives students a dual degree, as the engineering course has been designed so that they can take an MSc. Students are also offered a "soft skills" certificate. Additionally, as Program’s Director is very proud of the dynamism of its association life (30 associations for a budget of 1.5 million euros), and now intends to join more pedagogy associations.


Bachelor program : Patricia Bournet, Director - Toulouse Business School Bachelor program

“The 3-year Bachelor of Management programme at Toulouse Business School has also been placed on "The MOCI Ranking. "It is popular for companies that prefer to train young graduates in their own methods and culture,” explained Patricia Bournet.


Aerospace MBA - Christophe Bénaroya, Toulouse Business School Aerospace MBA

Toulouse Business School’s Aerospace MBA celebrates its 20th anniversary this year as seeing it named as the first MBA that specialises in Aerospace by MOCI.


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