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22 July 2019

Our Incredible Life Paths: Antoine MICHE (TBS 2007)

Why did you chosen to go to Toulouse, and TBS, to do your studies?

When I did my orals in 2004, the welcoming of the school and the warmth of the city’s people totally convinced me to stay here for at least three years!  And then I wanted to challenge the school regarding its sustainable development actions, which was accomplished in 2006 through the creation of the “Office of Sustainable Development” (B3D) student association.


Would you tell us about what you did at TBS?

I had the chance to spend an unforgettable semester as a student in Brazil, direct the IT and audio-visual association "Hotsoft", do four orientation week-ends, and to make life-long friends from TBS.


Do you have any stories about your graduating class to share? (Student associations, projects, professors…)

The school’s association activities were intense, and completed the school’s theoretical courses. Sometimes we were more stressed by our passionate student projects than we were by exams!


In what where your plans when you entered the labour force after graduation? What motivated you?

I mainly chose employers who could offer me challenges based on societal and ecological issues. In 2008, I returned to work at the Groupe La Poste as a project manager to implement environmental initiatives (eco-driving factor training, carbon offsetting, ISO 26000, green stamps, etc.).


What do you currently do?

I’m Financial Director at La Banque Postale in Lyon and I try to bring the notion of economic, social and environmental performance to the company.


Why did you choose this field, this goal?

I always wanted to have a job that was useful to humanity and the planet. TBS gave me the means to dream and reach my dream, because it taught me the skills I needed through projects and the people I met (students, professors, the dean, the people in administration, etc.).


How did what you learn help you reach your personal and professional goals?

The school and student associations both gave me a taste for the entrepreneurship, and I’ve always done both within companies, or working on the outside. It’s very satisfying and useful to be proactive about your personal and professional journey.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I hope that in 10 years I will have made more of a positive impact on society and the planet, with the support of TBS and the friends I made from my time there. 


How has the alumni network been a support for you?

The alumni network allowed me to meet important people in both my personal life and in my professional career, whether from the TBS Alumni association or elsewhere. They’ve provided advice, listened to me, supported me, and sometimes even developed some fulfilling projects with me, for example large events between alumni TBS in Lyon, Clermont, or Geneva.


What advice would you give to TBS alumni, students or graduates? 

I suggest that all TBS graduates and students of actively join and contribute to the alumni network. It's win-win, 100%!


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