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03 June 2019

Our Incredible Life Paths: Julien RAFFIN (TBS 2007)

Who were you at school?

I’m Julien RAFFIN, originally from Bouillarues, from a village near Nîmes.

I have a BAC ES, received a University Technology Degree in Business and Administration Management from Nîmes, and then a Licence in Technical and Business Management at IAE de Montpellier. In September, 2005, I started at ESC Toulouse as a work/study with Bouygues, with an entrepreneurial major my last year with the aim of starting a business. I received my degree in 2007.

That same year I got a Master 2 in Strategy and Economics at the Pierre Mendes France University of Grenoble.

I spent two superb years in Toulouse where I really took advantage of living there, but I also learned.


Why did you choose Toulouse?

After I passed my ESC entrance exam via Tremplin, Passerelle, and Profil, I was accepted to several schools. I chose ESC Toulouse because of the different types of programmes it offered (in particular, work/study and entrepreneurship), its reputation, and its student associations. And, of course, for Toulouse itself - which is an exceptional city when you are a student.


Tell us about what you did at TBS? (Studies)

As I said earlier, I started at ESC Toulouse in September 2005, in an alternate work/study programme with Bouygues, and that I could do an entrepreneurial major my last year with the aim to create one or more companies.  The idea of being a salaried worker never interested me much, nothing could be said the freedom of owning your own company. 


Do you have any stories from your class to share with us? (Associations students, etc.)

There are really too many anecdotes. Honestly, I think I have two years’ worth of stories from the time I was there.

  • Having arrived in AP2, it wasn’t possible to create an association, so we all joined HotSoft, the school’s digital association, and honestly not one of us understood what digital meant.
  • During my marketing course, I caught a 3 kg carp that I had spent an hour fishing out of the Japanese Garden with a tote bag.
  • During my first year, formally applied for the post of the school’s new Director after the former Director, Mr Gasiglia, left, with a magnificent letter that I sent to the entire school.
  • We were at a game with the school’s football team at 6 in my 206 CC at the time.
  • Everyone at the school called me Bouillargues, the town I came from, because they liked the name. I ended up “and Buffalo, Buffalo” :) 
  • I left for a week during my last year to buy land in Bulgaria, and to make some real estate investments there. The students were dazzled. 


Who are you now?

I’m 34 years old, and father of 4-year old Leo and 2-year-old Nina. I came back to the town of my birth and opened my first real estate agency in 2008, in Nîmes, six months after I graduated.

So, I chose to run my own business from the time I left school.


What is your current situation?

I’ve been a passionate real estate agent for over 10 years now, and owner of four real estate agencies in the towns surrounding Nîmes. In January 2019, I created a hybrid concept between traditional real estate agencies, and independent real estate consultants, that is selective and demanding, with a small-sized staff based in the Gard and Herault in order to offer an alternative to anything that currently exists.

My goal is to become the company that handles the most transactions in these Departments by end 2021, and to have the highest average turnover by consultant in France from the different networks.

We want to attract individuals already in working in the network and in agencies, all the while knowing that we are growing on an ultra-concurrent market, with actors who have been in place for 10 years, valued at several million euros, with several thousand consultants in their ranks.

Our positioning is completely different.  We offer more than 500 hours of training, unique tools and methodology, coaching, listening, mentoring, no pack to pay for my consultants, an exceptional remuneration of 70 – 90% of the profits generated, and we want to bring in all the entrepreneurs, professionals, passionate about our wonderful field, to work for us to either collaborate with us, or to open Groupe C2i Real estate agencies in the Gard, the Herault, and of course, in the rest of France after that.

Groupe C2i will become a leader on the field of real estate consulting with professional employees who are competent, honest, and kind, and who want to educate themselves, progress, and perform.


Why did you choose this career, have this goal?

Real estate is a passion of mine. I bought my first apartment while I was still as student in Toulouse, with the help of student loans, and I was only 22 years old.

I bought land in Bulgaria and created my business of real estate investments Bulgaria the same year, while still a student. So I naturally focused on real estate and entrepreneurship by creating my first real estate agency and, always with the vision of being the forerunner in the sector and planning to develop my brand and replicate my economic model, my methodology, my processes as I had begun to do in 2019, after 11 years of seniority, and a legitimacy on my business.

The sharing of knowledge, and therefor training, is a niche that I’m also enthusiastic about. 


How did your studies help you reach your personal and professional goals? 

My studies gave me a global viewpoint of business, so I didn’t have the same vision that most of the others who studied real estate had: that of having a job that consisted of “selling houses”.

This natural character turned me towards entrepreneurship and pushed me on to new projects because I needed to feel that I could expand, advance, create, share, pass on knowledge.

I’m the head of a company passionate company that manages strategy, communications, marketing, management, and training with a team of 15 employees.


What advice would you give to TBS Alumni, students or graduates?

For students, do a job you love, a job that has to be a passion.

For graduates, I hope that all goes better for you and that ESC’ s alumni network works well for you. 

If there are graduates in real estate, it’d be a great pleasure to discuss our respective viewpoints of the job, and why not work together around projects on a national scale.


Contact me by telephone: 06 63 45 67 09, by email:,  or via Facebook :


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