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16 September 2019

Our Incredible Life Paths: Sylvaine CUSSOT (TBS 2006)

Would you please say a few words about yourself?
My name is Sylvaine CUSSOT. I’m 37 years old, and I live in the Gard, in Uzès. Originally from the Sarthe, I left Le Mans once I passed the Bac, to take business school prep classes in Angers. I was thinking about attending business school. After those two very studious years, and after I passed the entrance exams, I decided to go to TBS to continue my studies!
Why did I choose TBS? First, because the school is very well ranked and has a good reputation. Second, because I fell in love with the “rose city” when I came to do my orals. And third, because the atmosphere at school seemed to be friendly and conducive to flourishing (I was also part of the student body Effervescence, which was very rewarding)!
Because I took a gap year 2nd year (I graduated from TBS in 2006), and because my last year focussed on Human Resources, I was hired by CELAD, the computer engineering service company where I did my internship.
I was its recruitment manager in Toulouse for seven years. Then, in 2013, I was trying to move to the Gard. I grabbed an opportunity to work for i-Run (an online sales company selling running, trail, and fitness items), where my duties were different (more communication / marketing oriented), while telecommuting.
With this new work rhythm, I was able to keep up my passion - trail-running – something I now practice at a high level.
Who are you today?
As I’ve just said, I was able to get an indefinite employment contract after my end-of-studies internship at Toulouse. (Thanks President Gardeau!) I didn’t hesitate a single second to take the opportunity! The job was very advantageous. It let me stay in Toulouse (a city I am very attached to), the company is small - with lots of room to grow, and it has healthy office politics.
I’ve had my indefinite contract with i-Run for six years, and I’ve found an energetic and young company, with whom I’ve grown since my arrival! Not only because I was able to do both running and e-commerce, but also due to the skills of the employees that make up the job are its real assets!
Working in a field that is also your passion, is the best!! And moving from one sector to another, and from one job to another, was possible because of the versatility of the skills I learned while at TBS, a school that is general but provides lots of training!
Being able to mix a high-level sport with a career because they are complementary is a rare opportunity that I am not ready to spoil! ;-))) I Hope it lasts!
What advice would you give to TBS alumni, students or graduates? 
Life is made up of opportunities! Don’t hesitate, do not let them pass you buy! Dare, trust yourself, give yourself the means, and move on! :-)

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